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The National Jan Hus Festival – basic information

The National Jan Hus Festival is organised by Jan Hus 600, an independent interest group. It includes official events organised by the group, as well as events at Charles University, the Hussite Museum in Tábor, events in Husinec and in Prague 3, one of Prague’s districts, and events organised by the České studny group. And there are many local events nationwide which can be found on our website as MAPA AKCÍ.

Key events of the Festival include:

The National Jan Hus Festival is under the patronage of Andrej Babiš, First Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister; Lubomír Zaorálek, Minister for Foreign Affairs; Marcel Chládek, Minister for Education, Youth and Sports; and Adriana Krnáčová, Mayor of Prague. Festival partners include Charles University, the Czech Technical University in Prague, the Hussite Museum in Tábor, the British Council, Czech Aeroholding, MAITREA, Prague 3 civic authorities, Kovosvit MAS, České studny interest group, and the Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic.

As an English musician, theologian, and writer who has been visiting the Czech Republic for over twenty years, I am aware that, for many ordinary Czechs, Jan Hus is little more than an old statue in the Old Town Square. Yet his legacy runs deep in the Czech psyche. This Festival will bring the legacy of Hus back into focus—into life: it is a reminder how this remarkable reformer—and the Czech people—have played a major part in the shaping of modern Europe for which I, as an Englishman, am grateful.’ John de Jong., member of organizing team of The National Jan Hus Festival.


Petr Hušek, Author and Director of the National Jan Hus Festival: husek@janhus600.cz
John de Jong, International Relations, the National Jan Hus Festival: john@johndejong.info, mobile: +420 777 277 874
Pavel Jína, Consultant, PR agency Hill+Knowlton Strategies: pavel.jina@hkstrategies.com, mobile +420 724 666 602