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The National Jan Hus Festival – basic information

The National Jan Hus Festival is organised by Jan Hus 600, an independent interest group. It includes official events organised by the group, as well as events at Charles University, the Hussite Museum in Tábor, events in Husinec and in Prague 3, one of Prague’s districts, and events organised by the České studny group. And there are many local events nationwide which can be found on our website as MAPA AKCÍ.

Key events of the Festival include:


Commemoration: 600 years since the burning of Jan Hus

‘We recognise that Jan Hus had a major impact on Europe. Through his actions he was instrumental in bringing to birth a completely new European era, one which valued the individual and each individual’s rights. A time which, with the passage of centuries, has become transformed into democracy,’ said Petr Hušek, Senior Manager of the national celebration.

The whole of Europe remembers Jan Hus

Seven Rules of Truth

From Hus to Palach


From the speech of the Ambassador of the USA, Norman Eisen, Independence Day (Prague, 2011):

‘Our Independence Day provides an occasion to reflect on our country’s history and values. As we are here in the Czech Republic, it is also appropriate to celebrate the shared history of our two nations, and the values that continue to bind us together.

Our common story began with Jan Hus’s influence on the Protestant Founding Fathers in the 18th Century. It continued with the extensive emigration from Bohemia and Moravia to the United States in the 19th Century. It was the hard work and entrepreneurial spirit of Czech immigrants that helped build many of our great cities, such as Chicago, Cleveland, and New York. By 1920 there were hundreds of thousands of Czechs living in the United States. Tomas Garrigue Masaryk found a friendly reception from his countrymen when he came to the United States as a visiting professor and spoke at Czech and Slovak organizations in the U.S. The American people rightly saw the plight of the Czechs and Slovaks, their yearning for freedom, as similar to that of their forefathers in colonial America, repaying the teachings of Jan Hus that were so influential on our founding fathers’ and mothers’ ideology.


Some sayings of John Hus—inspiring words for today

‘The truth is only that which is good for all people.’

‘You were born for the benefit of the world, not just for yourself.’

‘If you can exercise self-control, you will truly be a king (…) Be content with the little that you have, in this way you will find life’s golden path.’

‘The proud people of this world live in affluence and always desire overabundance.’

‘It is good to obey your superior in good things, and good to oppose him in depravity.’