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Commemoration: 600 years since the burning of Jan Hus

We regard Jan Hus as an important character recognise that Jan Hus had a major impact on Europe. Through his actions he was instrumental in bringing to birth a completely new European era, one which valued the individual and the each individual’s rights. A time which, with the passage of centuries, has become transformed into democracy,’ said Petr Hušek, Senior Manager of the national celebration.

The whole of Europe remembers Jan Hus

This year, on 6 July, the whole of Europe will commemorate the 600th anniversary of the death of the world famous thinker, reformer and preacher, Jan Hus. In connection with the jubilee, and as part of the National Jan Hus Festival, a unified nationwide platform has been created, bringing together all events connected with the anniversary on one well-arranged website: www.janhus600.cz.

Seven Rules of Truth

The national celebration initiative was welcomed by the well-known Czech theologian, Prof. Jakub Schwarz Trojan, emeritus professor at the Evangelical Theology Faculty of Charles University, and one of the first signatories of Charter 77. ‘Among other things,’ emphasises Trojan, ‘Hus became famous for his rule of seven, which says: “Therefore, faithful Christians, seek the truth, hear the truth, learn the truth, love the truth, speak the truth, adhere to the truth, defend it to the death, for truth will free you.

From Hus to Palach

It is the concept of truth as a spiritual power which gives freedom for a righteous life, not in seclusion, but in everyday worries and struggles,’ said Trojan of Hus’ legacy — even for modern times. It is symbolic that Professor Trojan, who preached at the funeral of Jan Palach, and who knew Palach personally, was willing to give a sermon at the service on the anniversary of the burning of Jan Hus during the national celebration.

In these modern times the legacy of Jan Hus is increasingly relevant, in many respects society finds itself in a similar situation to that of his time. For this reason, the Czech public should remember Hus’ personality, not only on the occasion of this anniversary,’ said Lubomír Zaorálek (Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic).